SevGen Indigenous Corporation

Creating Wellness through Connection & Relationships

SevGen is short for Seven Generations and is an Indigenous ecological thinking that we must consider that our deliberations and actions of today, will affect seven generations into the future, requiring us to be more conscious about our actions while drawing on the wisdoms of seven generation ancestors.

With an intergenerational story of not being served well by the school system, founder Terri Waller believed there was a need for new approaches and methodologies that would bring connection and relevance to Indigenous students. She soon realised that the approach would benefit all students who needed a different approach and decided to pursue a career as a teacher, with a goal of making a difference to the educational experience and outcomes in a creative way. She worked at various schools and training organisations on the Sunshine Coast before establishing the SevGen Indigenous Corporation in 2012. SevGen caters equally for multiple intelligences and different learning styles and works within a unique 3E model to help fund and sustain its relationship and location based character that is being described as an authentic Australian pedagogy.

SevGen is a community development concept. It has a range of social enterprises all of which have learning at the core for those of us who have been ‘dis’sed: disconnected, disenfranchised, disempowered people who are seeking a deeper meaning and sense of purpose in their lives.  

Our aim is for anyone who participates in our programs (SevGennies) to find their passion and purpose, be motivated and feel unstoppable as they move forwards in life!

All of our projects are underpinned by SevGen’s visionary 3E model: Enterprise, Education, Entrepreneurship. All projects that we run, are involved in, or support have these three core components built into their design.

SevGen responds to communities needs and has a cradle to grave philosophy. In short, we will help people of any ages. We can run projects in any location, and will modify our programs to suit the needs of an individual or entire community.

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