Come Walkabout

Uluru to Broome | Expressions of Interest now open

Trevor Edwards spent his 20’s as a professional cyclist, where at the end of his career and at the age of 31 years, Trevor suffered a tragic work-related accident, being electrocuted by 440V. He was dead for over 40 minutes during which time he experienced an outer body situation meeting an Indigenous Medicine Man in the spirit world who created crystal organs so that Trev could heal his physical body and subsequently led him to return to his body, alive, and from a medical perspective, healed.

Having studying Dreamtime healings through Holographic Kinetics and other modalities including Reflexology, Touch For Health, and Bach Flower Essences, Trev embarked on a journey west to the Kimberly to meet his Medicine Man and over the next seven years opened himself to living and learning all things tribal from the Jaru mob in Kimberley Western Australia. The Jaru people still today recognise Trev as a traditional Tribal Healer and over the years has Trev helped thousands of people across the globe to restore their health.

Trev's life purpose is to help alleviate the generational suffering experienced by Indigenous Tribes by bringing together people, projects and funding designed to positively change our way of living and preserve Mother Earth. 

We are now excited to be able to invite you to come and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity with Trev as your guide - walkabout from Uluru to Broome. 

The journey will take you through the Tamani Desert, stopping at sacred sites along the way. You will experience wisdom sharing from locals Indigenous mobs, view their traditional arts, and immerse yourself in Indigenous culture.

This unique 10 day outback Australia experience is like no other on earth. 

For the opportunity to be involved please contact us | Expressions of interest for 2019/2020 are now open.